Professor Aragão praises NCP’s open approach to research & interdisciplinary teams.

Prof. Aragão and Prof. Gaillard discussed the work of Professor Michel Prieur, the Professor Emeritus of Law, who created the first line of research of Normandy Chair for Peace on legal indicators measuring the effectiveness of environmental law. In 2019, lawyers from four countries, including Tunisia, Brazil, Portugal, and France, participated in a project called Measuring the Effectivity of Environmental Law through Legal Indicators. The project aimed to understand legal indicators’ concept of effectiveness in environmental law and expand it to national laws by creating interdisciplinary teams to develop a questionnaire to assess the effectiveness of law applicable to nature conservation areas. The questionnaire was addressed to stakeholders to determine the law’s effectiveness and was submitted to a pool of participants for feedback to improve it for further applications. The project highlights the importance of scientific tools to assess and measure sustainable development.

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