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CPR ECONOMICS – Conservation, Protection and Restoration

Tropical forest restoration project in the Philippines. Project to rehabilitate land used for sugarcane cultivation.

CPR Economics: The economy that heals, protects and restores the vital organs of life

TREE CAMP is an initiative started in December 2020, which aims to re-enchant our relationship to the Earth with Culture, Arts, Music and People. The Chair’s leader, Tony Oposa, envisions the restoration of a newly acquired farmland in the Rainforest. Thus, he is conducting fieldwork at the frontier of scientific diplomacy as he works closely with the Philippine authorities to make this place a space for co-construction and experimentation for the youth and thus for the restoration of the Earth. 

The objectives of the project are:

the valorization in terms of a natural solution for climate change (carbon sink? for CO2 capture)

– the creation of an organic vegetable garden

– the protection of wetlands: rainwater retention, carbon sink, restoration of aquifers and groundwater, pollution control.

– the creation of nourishing forests: since the dawn of humanity, all food and medicinal plants came from the forest, we have forgotten the fact that food comes from the Earth. Several plants and fruit trees will be planted.

– the creation of a medicinal garden

– the creation of a sanctuary park to protect the birds


July – October 2020: Completion of the water supply source – a manual artesian well.

November – January 2021: construction of the TREE CAMP

The team identified areas for rain catchers and the construction of a real wooden house; 6 x 6 meter floor area, with concrete posts and a good staircase.

February – March 2021: 

Construction of TREE CAMP Philippines and official visit by Roy Cimatu from the Department of Environment DEPT. Mitch Cuna, Undersecretary for Operations, Ana Teh, Undersecretary for Climate Change and Henry Adornado, Director of the Office of Ecosystem Research to do their first assessment, mapping, tree and wildlife counts. 


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