Eric Julien

Eric Julien tells the story of his work to reclaim indigenous lands on behalf of the Kogi, a pre-columbian people living in what is now Colombia. Part of a decades-long engagement with the people, learning about and sharing their world view, their encyclopedic knowledge of biodiversity, and their efforts to reconstitute primary forests, this effort, which is supported by integrated programs in France including a primary school and a farm, has already recovered 2586 hectares, on which two to three thousand people and families are now living. Arising originally out of a near-death experience in the community 25 years ago, Eric’s engagement with the Kogi is fueled in part by the pure joy of learning from and engaging with an entirely different culture.

Eric is an activist and an author, who splits his time between Colombia and France. He has written extensively about this experiences including in “The Path of the 9 Worlds: The Kogi Indians of Colombian can teach us the Mysteries of Life” and “Voyage in the World of Sé: New Discoveries on the Kogi Indians,” which explore the cosmologies and environmental worldviews of the Kogi people.

This interview is in French.

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