The search for a lasting peace with the Earth implies questioning the bioethical evolutions currently underway, which tend to modify the human condition, the animal condition and even the condition of the Earth itself. 


In the continuity of work already conducted under the direction of the two coordinators of the axis, a first reflection will be conducted on the evolution of the human condition resulting from transhumanist activities. In the medical field, if the issue is therapeutic, the question of the legitimacy of the physical and cognitive improvement of Man is now raised. A multidisciplinary international symposium “Transhumanism in the era of ameliorative medicine” will take place on May 10 and 11, 2021. On this occasion, researchers from Europe and Asia will exchange on the practices and the state of the law. This meeting is labeled “7th Franco-Chinese meetings on law and justice” by the French Embassy in China, and is part of the program “Thinking Transhumanism” of the French Commission of UNESCO. 


Thereafter, the work will focus on the ethical issues of the augmentation / improvement of the animal. In particular, the increasing optimization of the nature of the animal in the interest of man will be studied (selection process in breeding, possibilities of genetic manipulation…). The ethical and legal issues raised by the creation of chimeric beings will also be questioned, due to the risk of the disappearance of the frontiers between man and animal. A multidisciplinary and international symposium will be organized in December 2021 on the issue of “trans-animalism”. 


The “Trans-Earth” conference, in March 2022, will allow to question more directly the peace with the Earth. The objective of this colloquium will be, first, to consider the multiple facets of geoengineering (which is to the Earth what transhumanism is to the condition of the human species). In a second time, ecological engineering and other concepts and modalities will be considered with the objective that humans and animals are at peace with the Earth.

These TransHumanities colloquia will be the subject of three separate publications published by Peter Lang in the collection of the Normandy Chair for Peace. They will also be put online on You-Tube. 

Scientific direction : 

Bénédicte BEVIERE-BOYER, Associate Professor at the University of Paris 8

Amandine CAYOL, Senior Lecturer at the University of Caen Normandy

Emilie GAILLARD, HDR Professor in private law at Sciences Po. Rennes, general coordinator of the Normandy Chair for Peace

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