Become a Good Story Ambassador

The Good Stories Ambassador (GSA) program aim to assist the Normandy Chair for Peace (NCP) in furthering the Good Stories Movement, in particular, towards researching, writing, and promoting good stories. Through the GSA, the Normandy Chair for Peace will be able to nurture leaders in various parts of the globe who will serve as ambassadors and communicate the mission and vision of the NCP, and generate awareness for the GSM.

But what does it look like exactly to be a Good Stories Ambassador ?

The GSA will be part of a program which will focus more on leadership development. The goal is for NCP, through the GSA program, to aid in the personal and professional development and growth of our GSAs through training, workshops, and other similar events. The objective is to develop leaders who will spearhead action and positive energy, facilitate discussions in their communities, and be the main storytellers of good stories to the world.

The GSA will serve for one year from December 2021 through December 2022.
They will go through four (4) phases of the program:

  1. Knowledge and Skills Training
  2. Practical Applications
  3. Project Implementation
  4. Review and Reflection.

To manage the program, there will be a GSA Program Manager who will be the direct point-of-contact for anything GSA related and how this aligns with the GSM and NCP. In addition, they can also rely on a Social Media/Digital Content Manager who assists with creating marketing collaterals for the GSA (such as IG, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn banners, Social Media templates and keywords, et cetera) and help managing social media accounts.

So, interested in becoming an ambassador ? Then join our movement! Here is the 2021 Good Stories Ambassador Application form:

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