Field experiences in Overseas France

Intercultural roundtable within the framework of the event “Hearings: Ombudsman for future generations – Mediation and environmental defense” on April 15, 2021: Field experiences in Overseas France, moderated by Stéphane PESSINA, Senior Lecturer HDR in Private Law, (CUREJ, EA 4703, University of Rouen – Normandy) and Marie-Pierre CAMPROUX DUFFRENE, Professor of Law, University of Strasbourg (SAGE,UMR CNRS 7363) with Victor DAVID Research Fellow at the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD) UMR SENS (CIRAD-IRD-UPV Montpellier).

Caribbean Agro-Environmental Campus, Martinique ” We are the Ocean. The Ocean is us. The sea, more than a common good, a living being.”

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