Transanimalism Conference: The augmented animal: between utility and protection


Working language: French – English (simultaneous translation)

The search for a lasting peace with the Earth supposes to apprehend and to debate on the current and future evolutions of the animal being the object of modifications, transformations, adaptations and performances.

The colloquium “The augmented animal”, organized under the scientific responsibility of B. Bévière-Boyer, A. Cayol and E. Gaillard in a webinar on December 3, 2021, aims to engage multidisciplinary and international reflections on biological and techno-scientific evolutions that disrupt the animal condition. The challenge of this meeting, which will include researchers and professionals, is to lead discussions combining law, medicine, ethics, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, computer science, economics, history, etc., in order to better understand the impact of “transanimalism”, which is intended to increase the capacities of animals for the purpose of human well-being. This artificial transformation of the animal needs to be apprehended in a societal dimension. The processes used and the purposes justifying it can certainly give it a certain legitimacy. However, risks exist. In this respect, do the rights of animals, humans, nature and the environment constitute protective safeguards? Otherwise, could the animal not be considered as a being of nature having a universal right of protection? So many observations, questionings, reflections and proposals to be considered in a dimension of durable peace with the earth.

  1. The augmented animal: what societal dimension?
  2. The augmented animal: which processes for which purposes?
  3. The augmented animal: what borders with the human?
  4. The augmented animal: which legal protection(s)?


  • Bénédicte BEVIERE-BOYER, Senior lecturer in private law at the University of Paris 8, Centre de recherches juridiques de Paris 8
  • Amandine CAYOL,Lecturer in private law at the University of Caen Normandy, Institut Demolombe
  • Emilie GAILLARD, lecturer in private law at Sciences Po. Rennes, general coordinator of the Normandy Chair for Peace


  • Chaire Normandie pour la paix
  • Université Paris 8
  • Université Caen Normandie
  • Confédération nationale de défense de l’animal
  • French National Commission for UNESCO – “Thinking Transhumanism” Program
  • International Association for Law, Ethics and Science
  • Fondation pour le droit continental

Scientific Committee

Honorary President: Christian BYK, magistrate and president of the science ethics committee of the French Commission for UNESCO, Michèle DOBRE, Professor of Sociology, University of Caen Normandy, Anne-Charlotte GROS, President of the Fondation pour le droit continental, Nathalie NEVEJANS, HDR lecturer in private law, University of Artois


Round table 1 – The animal is growing: what societal dimensions?

Round table 2 – The animal is growing: what processes for what purposes?

Round table 3 – the animal is growing: what borders with the human?

Round Table 4 – The animal is growing: what legal protection?

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