Bénédicte Bévière-Boyer

Bénédicte BÉVIÈRE-BOYER is a Senior HDR-Lecturer in Private Law at the University of Paris 8, attached to the Juridical Scientific Center of Paris 8. Her research work is mainly focus in the field of bioethics, ethics and digital law. She has directed 8 collective works, written more than 70 articles and 80 columns. She works on various topics such as research, innovation, digital, health data, Artificial Intelligence and health systems, fundamental principles protecting the person, the principle of human guarantee, care relationship, personalized medicine, vulnerability, organ donation, embryo research, genetics, criprCas9, medical assistance for procreation, preimplantation diagnosis, transhumanism, etc.

With a predilection for pluri and interdisciplinary research, she regularly organizes symposia on current topics related to health law, digital technology, the individual (personalized medicine, Big Data, Humain in transformation – transhumanism, aging, digital sovereignty, digital responsibility), in collaboration with Chinese universities. She is currently organizing a series of conferences at the Court of Cassation on “Digital, Law and Society” 2020-2022: https://www.courdecassation.fr/venements_23/colloques_4/colloques_venir_52/rique_droit_mr578.html

She directs the M1 Health Law program. Her courses focus on health law: patient rights, research law and digital health law. She also teaches insurance ethics and thesis methodology. She has taught in different scholar years of the French university curriculum (LMD) mainly in general private law and business law.

E-mail: benedictebeviere@hotmail.com

Linkedin :https://www.linkedin.com/in/b%C3%A9n%C3%A9dicte-beviere-boyer-8868b519/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/beviereboyer

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