Amandine Cayol

Specialized in contract law (cf. Le droit des contrats en tableaux, Ellipses, Nov. 2017), tort law (cf. Le droit de la responsabilité civile en tableaux, co-authored with R. Bigot, to be published in 2021), insurance law (cf. Le droit des assurances en tableaux, Ellipses, Oct. 2020, co-directed with R. Bigot) and property law (cf. Le droit des biens en tableaux, Ellipses, Jul. 2019), Amandine Cayol now focuses her research mainly on the question of the legal status of the human body.

In this respect, she is interested in contracts relating to the human body (medical contracts, surrogate motherhood agreements, etc.) and the law of property (see Le droit des biens en tableaux, Ellipses, Jul. 2019). She is also interested in the emergence of a body of rules specific to personal injury in tort law, in the legal status of the human being before birth and after death, and in the question of a possible recognition of a right of ownership of the person over his or her own body (in connection with the organization in 2016 of a colloquium on “Le corps humain saisi par le droit, entre liberté et propriété” with Aurore Catherine, Cahiers de la recherche sur les droits fondamentaux, PUC, n°15, 2017 in Caen).

Her work has led her to take an interest in transhumanism. She is thus part of the workshop on “Man in transformation” of the GDR NoST and carries with Emilie Gaillard, since March 1, 2019, a research project “Transhumanism(s) and law(s)” co-financed by the GIP Research Law and Justice Mission (managing a team of 14 researchers in law, sociology and philosophy). Her work also focuses on e-health: since November 2020, she has been directing a multidisciplinary research project on “the challenges of developing telemedicine in Normandy”, 100% financed by FEDET funds over 24 months (supervising a team of 25 specialists in law, ethics, sociology, philosophy, psychology, psychology, geography and management sciences).

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