Symposium – Innovation for Sustainability

June 15, 2022

Format hybride :

  • In person: Chapel of the “Colégio da Trindade”
  • Online (on zoom platform)


2:00 PM – PRESENTATION – LEGAL ECO-INNOVATION: how, who and why do it?

  • Alexandra Aragão – Professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra, researcher at the Legal Institute
  • Grace Ladeira Garbaccio – Professor at the Brazilian Institute of Education, Development and Research

2:20 p.m. – OPENING CONFERENCE – Innovation for sustainability: legal indicators of the effectiveness of environmental law

  • Professor Michel Prieur – Professor Emeritus at the University of Limoges

2:50 pm – Ethical innovation for sustainable development

  • Florent Pratlong – Delegated Vice President for Entrepreneurship, Corporate Partnerships and Professionalization of Public Relations – Université Paris 1

3.10 pm – The principle of eco-innovation and the 2030 agenda

  • Isabel Hernández San Juán – Professor at the Faculty of Law of the University Carlos III

3:30 pm – Legal indicators and eco-innovation: making environmental law effective for the protection of vulnerable people

  • Daniele Galvão – Researcher at the Legal Institute of the Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra

3:50 pm – First round of panel questions and discussion

4:00pm – Innovation for future generations

  • Emilie Gaillard – General Coordinator of the Normandy Chair for Peace, University of Caen

16:30 – The legal innovation of the Brazilian system of simplified compensation for major disasters

  • Rodrigo Jorge Moraes – Avocats associés d’Azevedo Moraes

4:50 pm – The legal challenges of the new work environment: transnational telework

  • Soraya Clementino – Clementino & Teixeira Avocats

5:10 pm – The new technologies of Brazilian agribusiness and its legal challenges

  • Leonardo Araújo de Oliveira – Léo Perícia Agroeconômica & Agroambiental e Reflorestadora

5:30 pm – Economic law of innovation and eco-innovation

  • Matilde Lavouras – Professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra, researcher at the Legal Institute

5:50 pm – Second round of panel questions and discussion

  • Organization: Legal Institute of the University of Coimbra
  • Research Area: Crisis, Sustainability and Citizenship
  • Scientific coordination: Alexandra Aragão and Grace Garbaccio

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