Meeting Compass of Possibilities

Wednesday, February 10, 2021, under the direction of Professor Delmas-Marty, one and a half hour meeting with and a half with Ms. Anne JACOD (in charge of the prospective mission, Research and Innovation Department and Innovation, Sub-Directorate of Research at the Ministry of Ecological Transition), Antoine PORTANGUEN (assistant), Mr. Grégory DIGUET (Director, Château de Goutelas), Emilie GAILLARD (general coordinator of the Normandy Chair for Peace), Laura Duarte (Assistant to the excellent Normandy Chair for Peace).

Several actors are interested in accompanying Professor Delmas Marty in the scientific valorization of several tracks.

  1. Making a compass: Make me a compass (for high schools) – educational tool
  2. Conversations around the compass – a citizen’s instrument in search of common stabilizing principles for globalization
  3. The Compass as a tool for evaluating public policies.

On the first point, Gregory Diguet, director of the Château de Goutelas where the compass created by Antonio Benincà and Mireille Delmas Marty, presented the intentions of their 2021/2022 cultural season, illuminated by the Compass of Possibilities. A presentation file is currently being prepared. Ask G. Diguet whether or not he would like us to add the link to the document?

Priority is given to the initiation of educational experiences at the Château de Goutelas in partnership with the Rhône-Alpes Region. Emilie Gaillard, proposes a valorization of these experiences (which could be filmed on their side) for a possible replication in Normandy with the Norman high school students. She also proposes to translate these kits into Spanish and English and to look for partners abroad. Professor Delmas Marty directs towards China where his works were translated, also in Middle East, Latin America, Central and North America, without forgetting Africa.

On the second point, the Normandy Chair for Peace intends to organize a research project with scholars from different continents (see above).

On the 3rd point, the Ministry of Ecological Transition, through its foresight department, wishes to move forward with the idea of using the compass as a tool for evaluating public policies. The Chair proposes a partnership in this sense. Professor Delmas-Marty thinks that this could make sense and complement the Normandy Chair for Peace’s line dedicated to legal indicators.

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