International Human Rights Day

Thursday, December 10, 2020 – 3.30 pm CET – 7 pm (French Time)

Simultaneous translations French – English

Free inscription: (Warning, the number of places is limited)

The event will be broadcast live on the Facebook page of the Normandy Chair for Peace :

The Normandy Chair is celebrating Human Rights Day on December 10, 2020 in order to probe the processes of renewal of human rights in the light of the ideal of Peace with the Earth, the rights of future generations and of Nature.

If, on December 10, 1948, 58 States launched a historic process of internationalization of human rights, what perspectives and what new dynamics are now identifiable?

After the advent of the rights of the first two generations, namely individual and political rights, economic, cultural and social rights … other generations of human rights, aimed at meeting the challenges specific to our civilization, including the sustainability of life on Earth, are currently at work.

This is how certain rights aim to protect the environment, the rights of future generations, Nature, the integrity of the human species… These developments present various levels of reality: from the national to the international scale , what lighting can we achieve together?

Various experts from the Normandy Chair for Peace will intervene to present these transformation processes and provide mixed insights.

Do we need to recognize new fundamental rights – such as the right of access to Nature – and what would be the springs? What legal actions are in the process of being mobilized, in particular before the European Court of Human Rights? Do we have other answers than fundamental rights?


3.30 pm – Welcome Words

> MRSH, Emilie GAILLARD, General Coordinator of the Normandy Chair for Peace

> Normandy Region > Presidency of the University of Caen > CNRS – Normandy Delegation > Welcoming Video, by Tony OPOSA, Leader of the Normandy Chair for Peace > Advisor Antonio BENJAMIN, Court of Cassation/Council of State, Brazil

3.50 pm-4.05 pm – Opening

> Professeur ROBINSON, Chair Emeritus Chaire Normandie pour la paix, ICEL Governor, Elizabeth Haub School of Law Human Tights in the Community of Life

4.05 pm-5 pm Roundtable n° 1 

What are the prospects for renewing the legitimate fields of fundamental rights on a global scale ?

Moderator and Introduction : Emilie GAILLARD

> Corinne LEPAGE, Attorney, Barreau of Paris, Former french Minister of the environment, Head of CAP 21 The Universal Declaration on Rights and Duties of Humankin

> Michel PRIEUR, Professor Emeritus of Law and President of the International Centre for Comparative Environmental Law, Draft International Covenant on the Human Right to the Environment

> Victor TAFUR, ICEL Associate Executive Governor, Environmental Law Professor at Elizabeth Haub School of Law, Pace University NY The Global Pact for the Environment

4.50-5pm : Questions and answers

5 pm – 6pm – Round-table n° 2 

What are the prospects for renewing the legitimate fields of fundamental rights at the regional level?

5.20 pm- 5.35 pm

Me Gerry LISTON, Atty. Gerry LISTON, Legal Officer with the Global Legal Action Network. The climate crisis and the European Court of Human Rights: the case of six Portuguese young people versus 33 European countries

5.35 pm-5.50 pm 

David BOYD, UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and the Environment The European Council and the project of adoption of an international convention recognizing the right to a healthy environment ?

What legal prospects in the caselaw before EHRC/IHRC ? Crossed analysis

> Paul BAUMANN, PHd in Public Law

> Marie ROTA, Associate Professor in Public Law, University of Lorraine

5.45 pm-6 pm – Questions & Answers

6 pm-7 pm – Roundtable n° 3

What prospects for renewal from inside and outside Human Rights?

> Jean Marie COLLIN, Expert and Spokesperson ICAN France The International Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Arms, a strategy for future generations !

> Loïc PEYEN, Associate Professor, University of Toulouse 1, Capitole, IEJUC (EA 1919) For the Recognition of the Right to Access to Nature

> Gilles Lhuilier, Professor of Law, Rennes ENS, Foundation of Human Sciences – Paris The extra-territorial obligation of vigilence for compagnies and States : The New Path for effective application of fundamental Rights ?

6.45-7 pm : Questions and answers


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