Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University Joins Normandy Chair for Peace for a Historic Global Launch of the Good Stories Movement Aiming to Inspire Climate Action

An international group of eco-advocates – Emilie Gaillard, Nick Robinson, Tony Oposa, David Forman, Narinder Kakar, Chief Judge Brian Preston of Australia, South Africa Justice Nambitha Dambuza, Carol Peralta, Olav Haazen, and more – present a Petition to the United Nations through the Philippine Government. It was filed in the office of the Philippine Mission to the UN, represented by Deputy Permanent Representative Ariel Peñaranda. They plead for a sea of controversy in Asia to be transformed into the ASIA MARINE PEACE PARK.

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (October 28, 2022) – On October 25, 2022, the Normandy Chair for Peace, in cooperation with the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University, hosted a global launch of the Good Stories Movement. It was held in the Kalayaan (Freedom) Hall of the Philippine Consulate in New York City. The historic event was attended by law faculty, diplomats, members of the media, the academe, judiciary, civil society, and other international eco-advocates.  

“Maybe you and I cannot do great things. We may not change the world. But we can change the story of the world if we change the storyline,” said Filipino Tony Oposa, one of Asia’s leading voices in the global arena of Environmental Law. “Good stories have the power to inspire, and set hearts on friendly fire,” he added.

Global Search for Good Stories

The Good Stories Movement aims to change the world’s narrative from negative to positive, from bad to good, and from sad to happy. To be highlighted are stories of people around the world who are taking care of the Life-Sources of Land, Air, and Water.  The LAW of Life, also known as the ‘Environment.’  

The memorable moment was a cooperative effort of the Normandy Chair for Peace, top-ranked Elisabeth Haub School of Environmental Law, the International Council for Environmental Law (ICEL), the Indigenous Lenape People, the University of Peace, the New York Filipino community, and other international organizations. 

Together, they are looking for stories of people and communities who dare to care for the LAW of Life, stories of humans living in harmony with Nature. The stories will be submitted to international organizations for inspiration, appreciation, and global gratitude. 

Global Legal Action to Preserve the Evidence 

To secure well-recorded and legit good stories, a group of friends is planning an innovative, non-adversarial, and happy legal action. Instead of always trying to fight and right the wrong, this legal action creatively uses the Rules of Court to preserve the evidence of the good, the right, and the strong. They plan for a simultaneous filing of the Petitions to Preserve the Evidence (PPE) around the world and in International Courts and Tribunals on June 5, 2023, UN World Environment Day. 

“Recording the evidence of good stories to heal the Earth in courts worldwide will demonstrate how people everywhere are making a difference. Grassroots activists are effectively making peace with Nature. Their stories will inspire others to emulate their accomplishments,” said Professor Nicholas A. Robinson, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Environmental Law of the Haub Law School of Pace University.

Asia Marine Peace Park

During this event, the concerned residents of the Earth also filed a Petition to the United Nations for nations to unite.  It was filed in the Office of the UN Philippine Permanent Mission.  They plead for a sea of controversy in Asia to be transformed into the ASIA MARINE PEACE PARK.

 “This is a real-life example of the truth that – 

“We will have peace on Earth, when we have peace with the Earth,” said Oposa.  

To join the joy of the journey of the Good Stories Movement, please share your stories at: https://normandychairforpeace.org/lines-of-research/good-stories/

About Elisabeth Haub School of Law

Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University offers JD and Masters of Law degrees in both Environmental and International Law, as well as a Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD) in Environmental Law. The school, housed on the University’s campus in White Plains, N.Y., opened its doors in 1976 and has more than 9,000 alumni around the world. The school maintains a unique philosophy and approach to legal education that strikes an important balance between practice and theory.

Haub Law launched its Environmental Law Program in 1978, and it has long been ranked among the world’s leading university programs, with a current #1 ranking by U.S. News & World Report. Pace’s doctoral graduates teach environmental law at universities around the world. Pace’s JD alumni are prominent in environmental law firms, agencies and non-profit organizations across the U.S. and abroad. For more information about Haub Law, visit: http://law.pace.edu

About Normandy Chair for Peace

Normandy D-Day was once a symbol of war. Enlightened leaders of Normandy changed the narrative to become a symbol of Peace. They created the Normandy Chair for Peace … with the Earth.  The Chair seeks to nurture and share novel ideas, to spread happy energy, and to spark positive action to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Chair does this through research, scientific diplomacy, and advocacy on the topics of Peace, Environment, and Rights of Future Generations at the local and international levels. For more information, visit: https://normandychairforpeace.org

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