The time for talk is over – Why is an ICJ movement needed?

“If we weren’t so busy moving our lives forward, and for once doing nothing. Then maybe a great silence can help us in the sadness of not understanding ourselves. Perhaps then, the Earth can teach us that when everything seems dead, that’s when everything can come back to life.”

Pablo Neruda

Change Crisis

The Earth is suffering from a serious flu. The cause is a virulent virus called Homo sapiens.

The Earth is suffering from a deadly flu. The cause is a virus that eats anything and everything, including snakes and wild bats. This virus even calls itself wise: Homo sapiens.

Today, this homo virus is also very sick because another virus is spreading fast and furiously. All of a sudden, we all stop moving and, for once, we do nothing.

The slow, quiet moments of the day give us a glimpse of what is truly important in life – the sources of life. Earth – for food, Air – for breathing, and Water – for drinking. (TAE with the acronym LAW) – the LAW of Life. There is no Life.     

But what have we done?

The Earth – is the carpet of Life that grows our food. We have paved it with dead, hard concrete. And we call it “development”.

We poison the air with the fetid fire breath of metal monsters … and we call it progress.

Air – we can’t see it, but without air for three minutes, we die. So why do we poison it with the smoke from the hellish combustion engines of motor vehicles? And then we call it “progress”. And a contribution to the GDP (Great Planet Disaster).

Water – after air, it is the most important source of life. So why do we poison and waste the water we drink? And we call it progress and development? Buang

What can you do ?

The crisis is both a danger and an opportunity for change. The dangers are clear and present. We can now seize the chance… to be better.

We can blame each other, fight forever and get nowhere. But we can each do our humble part to face – and embrace – the crisis. What can you do? Do you want to grow food on the Earth, contribute to clean air, and secure clean water supplies?

If you dare to care, welcome aboard.

In a village south of Manila, a stretch of road flourishes with food crops: kamote (sweet potato), kamunggay (healthy moringa), kapayas (papaya), etc. Food landscaping.

Actions to come

When the time comes, we will do for –

1. The Earth: Guerrilla gardening

We will plant food crops on roadsides, central islands, and public open spaces. (Ord. Exec. 774, 2008).

It will be a happy and healthy exercise. We will transform the community from quarantines into community food gardens.

2. Air: sharing the road

On Sundays, we will organize exercices of road sharing

Half of the road will be reserved for walking, cycling and clean air. The other half will be reserved for clean, convenient and collective transportation. The Philippine SeCRET (Self Contained Renewable Energy Transport).

When people see how wonderful it will be, they will ask to do it for two days, for three days, and then for the whole week. This will mark the turning point on the path that :

“Those who have fewer wheels must have more roads ”1

3. Water: Rain catchment

If you think this virus thing is bad, look at what happens when we run out of water.

We had a water crisis in 2019. The water shortage will only get worse, so we need to learn this lesson. Working with concerned citizens, with or without the government, we will set up rainwater catchments to store fresh water for human use. These catchments will also recharge depleted groundwater. This is not a suggestion. It is a law. (Republican Law 6716, 1989)2

But in the Philippines, laws are only suggestions.

Cooperative Heroism

To achieve this, we will not use the force and majesty of the law. Nor will we expect anything from people in temporary positions of power. Let us remember that “the power of the people is more powerful than the people in power”.

We are going to revive the great Filipino spirit of ::

Bayanihan: Bayan – community and cooperation; Bayani – heroes; Bayanihan – cooperative heroism

Thanks, Crisis

For making us stop, do nothing, and think about the meaning of life.

“And when everything seems dead, It is then that everything can Come to Life”.

We invite concerned Earth dwellers to act. In your own circles,

you can have a happiness impact. In your own way, you will be a leader – by example. Let’s make this crisis a chance to create a climate of real and lasting change. But whatever you do or think you can do, start. “In boldness, there is genius, power and magic “3

The time for talk is over.

Tony Oposa

1 Sec. 9, EO 774, 2008.
2 Rep. Act 6716, 1989, and Sec. 12, EO 774.
3 W. Goethe.

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