A Buzz-y Bee, Ooi Leng Chye saves another colony of bees in Kuala Lumpur

Written by Mary Joyce Baloja

Ooi Leng Chye is a member of My Bee Savior Association, an Environmental Conservation Organization founded in Malaysia centered on the goals of saving, protecting, and preserving bees. He has been playing a vital role in saving beehives from being destroyed. He only uses his hands and a rattan basket to lead the bees to their new home. This organization started in 2005, paving the way for more people to appreciate their work by translocating hives in a bee sanctuary where it can freely thrive. Ooi shared his story while saving bees in the parking lot of an apartment in Kuala Lumpur.

Ooi knew that bees maintain the stability of the environment and as invertebrate pollinators, they also prevent the risk of global extinction. Not to mention, its declining population is vital for human survival. “I’m not afraid of them,” Ooi says even though his hands and arms are covered in stings. There is an evident connection between the bees and Ooi as he gently scoops a large army of bees to the rattan basket. He raises a reminder that bees only fight for self-defense and that doing the job requires a level of understanding by observing how the bees behave in various situations. These little ones not only thrive in hidden places, but they could also be fatal if not catered for.

This act is aligned with the 2030 Sustainable Goals of the United Nations. The following are the highlights of its most noteworthy contributions.

Though bees are small insects that tend to be dangerous, they are an important factor in the circulation and flow of interconnected ecosystems in a captivating way. Of course, what better way to be inspired to save the earth only by knowing how these bees move within their buzzing rhythm. It is truly a sight to behold. For Ooi, this challenging yet intricate task is worth experiencing because certainly, it is for future generations and the environment.

To see more, please check their website, https://mybeesavior.org/en/lets-save-the-bees/

Sustainable Development Goals

This action agrees with Sustainable Development Goals defined by UN.

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01. no poverty01. no poverty
02. zero hunger02. zero hunger
03. good health & well being03. good health & well being
04. quality education04. quality education
05. gender equality05. gender equality
06. clean water & sanitation06. clean water & sanitation
07. affordable & clean energy07. affordable & clean energy
08. decent work & economic growth08. decent work & economic growth
09. industry, innovation & infrastructure09. industry, innovation & infrastructure
10. reduced inequalities10. reduced inequalities
11. sustainable cities & communities11. sustainable cities & communities
12. responsible consumption & production12. responsible consumption & production
13. climate action13. climate action
14. life below water14. life below water
15. life on land15. life on land
16. peace, justice & strong institutions16. peace, justice & strong institutions
17. partnerships for the goals17. partnerships for the goals
Sustainable Development GoalsSustainable Development Goals
01. no poverty
  • 01.1

    It can help eliminate poverty through widespread work opportunities in small and rural areas.

  • 01.2

    Also improves individual livelihood which will further guide people to perform and seek jobs in addressing environmental issues.

02. zero hunger
  • 02.1

    By producing honey and contribute to food security.

  • 02.2

    Also empower industries to provide safe products in line with health or cosmetics.

15. life on land
  • 15.1

    Living creatures contributing to nature through the conservation of plants that maintain a healthy population of bees and the development of small family farms around the world.

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