World Concert of GOOD STORIES

Antonio Oposa, leader of #NdyChair4Peace invites you to the World Concert of GOOD STORIES. Saturday, October 24, 2020 (75e anniversary of the birth of the United Nations)

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Memorable meeting of rival law students to care for the sea
Good stories
Last May 21, 2022, Saturday, Tony organized another memorable meeting of representatives of long-time rival universities - Ateneo and La Salle law ...
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To M. Kwok and to Good Members of the association Ayala Southvale Homeowners
Congratulations letters
Dear Mr. Kwok and the Good Members of the Ayala Southvale Homeowners Association: We write to congratulate and commend you ...
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Botildenborg Foundation re-imagines cities: "Stadsbruk", the urban farmers' incubator in Malmö
Non classé

This initiative has created spaces for biodiversity in the city and promoted organic and quality food for the inhabitants. At the national level, this initiative can, if generalized, reduce Sweden’s dependence on other countries for food.

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Normandy Chair for Peace
Since 2016, the Normandy Region has initiated a World Peace Forum; it wants to affirm its ambition for international action in ...
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