GARDEN BY THE SEA in Cooperation with Indigenous Peoples of the Philippines

The SEA CAMP and School of the SEA have been quite successful in its mission to train young people and ordinary citizens in the way of sustainable living. Over the last two decades, without any funding except from my own meager resources, we have trained more than 10,000 young people, teachers, law enforcement personnel, local officials and ordinary citizens.

Great as it might have been, the SEA CAMP is located in a remote island north of the Central Philippine Island of Cebu. From Manila, where I live, going to the SEA CAMP takes about a whole day of multi-modal transport – One hour car-ride from my home to the Manila Airport, then a one hour plane trip to Cebu, then a three or four hour car ride to the northwest tip of Cebu where the Port of Hagnaya is located, then a one hour boat ride, in often stormy seas, to Bantayan Island. Then a ten-minute ride by tricycle to the SEA CAMP. It is a major production.

So I decided to transplant the idea of the SEA CAMP to a nearby place. So I purchased a beautiful lot by the sea in a town only two hours away from my Manila home. To begin the care of this beautiful land but with a very steep land, I engaged indigenous people from the Cordillera mountains of Northern Philippines. These are the indigenous peoples whose ancestors were responsible for putting up the man-made wonder of the world – the 2,000-year old Banaue Rice Terraces.


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