Motion 003

Propel IUCN to Climate Action

We envision IUCN bringing its signature strength, sound know-how and policy advice, to bear against the existential threat of climate change. We aim to create a Climate Change Commission within IUCN to bring this vision to life. A Commission that will implement a climate protection plan.

Why a commission?

IUCN will likely cease to exist within forty years when the earth heats to two degrees. The damage to life sustaining ecosystems and extreme weather events will create chaos and instability that will make impossible the attainment of IUCN’s mission to protect nature.


IUCN and its diverse member organizations are uniquely positioned to devise new climate solutions and refine existing ones, especially at the intersection of nature and climate.


Motion 003 has been identified as a motion that will be debated on the floor of the 2021 World Conservation Congress (Click here)

The commission would create a rallying point from which IUCN members could shape the global response to climate change. Specifically, a commission would create a platform to:

  • Leverage IUCN’s collective expertise, across all the members and commissions, while coordinating to prevent duplication
  • Achieve global consensus on climate-related projects and proposals
  • Spread these ideas worldwide and injecting them into policy-making efforts

In short, we envision a Climate Change Commission which would, in time, implement a climate protection plan to protect the earth from warming to 1.5 degrees.
​*The draft mandate is still a work in progress, and we welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions.
To learn more, see our draft mandate and deep dive blog post visit:

How we get there: Pass Motion 003

An international coalition of IUCN members has proposed Motion 003 – Establishing a Climate Change Commission for the World Conservation Congress happening this September in Marseille.


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Congress in Marseille this September.
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Finally, here is the link to the form on the website that we talked about during our last meeting through which IUCN members can show their support for the original Motion 003:

PDF proxy forms to support the motion 003:

Webinaire motion 003 / August 25th at 19h CEST

The Normandy Chair for Peace in alliance with Our Drawing Voices invite you a webinar about theMotion 003, which intends to establish an IUCN Climate Change Commission to protect nature from global warming beyond 1.5 degrees. The proponents of Motion 003 are IUCN member organizations from around the world united to establish a Climate Change Commission dedicated to preventing global warming to two degrees centigrade. We have organized a coalition of indomitable spirits ready to establish a future of global climate action. Lead by the drowning nations, and subnational coastal communities such as Hawai’i, for whom climate change is an immediate, preeminent emergency.


Once passed at the General Assembly in September of this year, Motion 003 in its original form will galvanize IUCN by establishing a collecting point for all those who are dedicated to implementation of a climate protection and repair plan. The commission will be empowered by the expertise of all six commissions and inspired by IUCN’s unremitting mission to protect nature. The extraordinary scale of investment in the climate commission by private and public sectors attendant to the severity of the climate crisis portends resource support to be utilized collaboratively by all seven IUCN commissions to achieve protection from global warming to two degrees.

Save the date: August 25th at 19h CEST

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Motion 003 – Webinar Speakers

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