Inserting the Chair in a multicultural approach: integrating the approach of indigenous peoples

For the first time, indigenous peoples will be sitting on an equal footing with States at the next IUCN World Congress. This is historic and is part of a process of reconciliation and the search for resilience in our societies. A one-day colloquium inviting indigenous delegations would be welcome in Normandy before the World Congress on the occasion of the 2020 Peace Forum within the framework of the Chair.

Gathering success stories to pave the way to sustainable, resilient societies and cities. This is the point on which Tony Oposa intends to lead a particularly marked and important leadership (modeling of sustainable cities, resilience). Several partnerships with specialized institutes have already been identified.

The objective is to gather positive experiences of resilience (possibility of relying on existing networks to gain synergy) and to end up with a handbook, publications giving these positive examples. Short videos will be used to illustrate these case studies in a lively and educational way.

Goal: 6 to 12 documented and deliverable cases by June 2020.

Establishment of Legal Clinics on the Law of Future Generations: At the interface between academia and society, some members of the College are accustomed to working with these clinics. The Chair will be able to draw on various networks in which Tony Oposa and Professor Robinson have the opportunity to involve them.

Research on legal indicators of the effectiveness of the right of future generations 

It will provide a scientific measurement of the implementation of the right of future generations using legal indicators of effectiveness. Thanks to legal indicators, public authorities and citizens will be given a readable tool for the scientific evaluation of a public policy that will allow them to avoid making reforms “blindly”. This project is based on the work of Professor Michel Prieur, a pioneer in this field.

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