Mauro Figueiredo

Mauro Figueiredo is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Newcastle in Australia; acts as a Consultant on Sustainable Development and Ecological Law and Policy. Member of ELAW – Environmental Law Alliance World Wide and the IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law and is a director of APRENDER Ecologia Institute. He is also co-author of the Brazilian Future Ocean Panel; former representative of NGOs from South of Brazil in the National Council of the Environment (CONAMA) and also represented the national civil society organizations in the Group for Coastal Management of the Inter-Ministerial Commission for Ocean Resources in Brazil; he has been working as a consultant for national and international NGOs; Mauro is part of the Research Group on Environmental Law at the Risk Society (GPDA), has experience teaching environmental law and for twenty years has been dedicated to public interest environmental law, mainly in the following areas: Protected areas; coastal management; forest and fisheries legislation; science, technology, and innovation for sustainability.

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