Leïla Chikhaoui-Mahdaoui

Professor of Public Law, she has been teaching since 1990 and directs the research master in Environmental Law at the Faculty of Legal, Political and Social Sciences of Tunis. Her research, carried out in parallel with her academic career, has enabled her to publish several works, including a study on “The Environment and its Protection by Law” (1998), a financial approach to environmental issues entitled “The Environment, Financial Aspects” (1999) and a “Manual of Public Accounting”, which she co-authored with Professor Néjib BELAÏD (2012).
As a senior lawyer, Leïla CHIKHAOUI-MAHDAOUI was consulted during the final drafting phase of the Constitution of 27.1.2014 and is a member of the Provisional Body for the Control of the Constitutionality of Draft Laws (IPCCPL), which exercises a priori constitutional control until the appointment of the 12 members of the future Tunisian Constitutional Court.
She is a member of the Normandy Chair for Peace within the framework of the INDIJEN project and, as such, oversees work on the legal indicators of environmental law in Tunisia.

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