Larissa Verri Boratti

Larissa Verri Boratti is a Brazilian qualified lawyer and researcher specializing in Environmental Law, Policy and Regulation. She holds a PhD from University College London (UK), a Master degree from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil) and an LL.B. from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil). She is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil) – Print-CAPES Programme. She is also co-founder of Challenges of Multidisciplinarity in Socio-Environmental Research (CLOSER), and a member of the research network JUST-Side (Justice and Sustainability in the Territory through Spatial Data Infrastructure). Larissa has practiced litigation and legal consultancy in the private sector for more than ten years, with a focus on environmental due diligence and compliance, contractual allocation of environmental liabilities, environmental licensing procedures, and land-use management, to name a few.

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