Grupo de módulo del proyecto Science-Po CIJ WYCJ

Students of Sciences Po Rennes-Campus de Caen in the Master program “Law of Future Generations and Legal Transition” directed by Emilie Gaillard, we participated this year in the international campaign of the association World Youth For Climate Justice (WYCJ), with the support of the Normandy Chair for Peace, in the framework of our project-study module.

Sophie Pecqueur, Juliette Maillard, Emma Fourreau, Keziah Guillope

What is WYCJ? WYCJ is a youth movement working to put human rights at the center of climate action. To this end, the organization is campaigning for an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice (ICJ). This means lobbying civil society, raising awareness of the impact of the climate crisis and human rights, and asking governments to approve the request for an advisory opinion.

The idea will be to represent and develop the French branch of the project, working closely with the Normandy Chair for Peace, especially in its campaign strategy. The French-speaking world has a crucial role to play, because in addition to helping our country to be better represented in the project, it will be possible to create strong links with some African countries around a common Francophonie.

Our activities will take the form of campaigns on networks, organization of webinars for youth and/or experts, exchanges with important actors on the theme of climate justice, dissemination of the WYCJ report to which the previous class contributed (in the form of a book/report) and of course the writing of advocacy for I am Climate Justice France.

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