Rutger van Zuidam

Founder and CEO of

Rutger van Zuidam (1983, The Netherlands) is the Founder and CEO of Odyssey is an open source online incubator for multi-stakeholder collaboration that connects governmental, corporate, scientific and nonprofit organizations with with anyone that can contribute to building solutions for complex 21st-century challenges, often UN SDG related. Our mission is to provide the most inclusive, impactful and thriving space for collaboration. With Momentum Odyssey offers an online, live and persistent 3D world which people can co-create, and where you can with anyone meet, connect, collaborate and achieve results together. An advanced collaboration environment where anyone can host, build and manage their portfolio of programs, challenges, projects, grants and grow their communities effectively and joyfully.

Rutger also serves Drenthe College, where 9000 students enjoy intermediate vocational education, as member of the supervisory board.

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