Reinhard Krapp

Reinhard Krapp – born in 1953 in Lohne/Lower Saxony – studied from 1973 to 1978 law and economics at the University of Muenster/Westphalia and the University of Lausanne/Switzerland.

In September 1978 he passed the First State Exam in Law at the Regional Court of Hamm/North-Rhine-Westphalia and subsequently was legal assistant in Bonn and Montreal/Canada. In July 1981, he passed his Second State Exam in Law in Duesseldorf (bar exam).

He joined the German foreign service as an attaché in 1981 and passed the State Examination for the foreign service in 1983.

From 1983 to 2018, he served in various departments of the Foreign Office and at embassies in Ottawa, Cairo, Moscow as well as Sofia. He also worked at Germany’s Permanent Representations to the European Union in Brussels and to the United Nations in New York.

He was environment officer at the Permanent Representation of Germany to the European Union in Brussels, Head of Division of the “International Environmental Policy, Climate Policy and Sustainable Development Division” at the Foreign Office in Bonn and Berlin, Head of the Legal and Consular Department of the German Embassy in Moscow and Minister and Head of the economic department of the Permanent Representation of Germany to the United Nations in New York.

After his retirement in July 2018, he was admitted as a lawyer by the Cologne Bar Association and is now focusing on issues of international environmental law.

Reinhard Krapp is laureate of the renowned Elisabeth-Haub-Prize for International Environmental Diplomacy and International Environmental Law and member of the board of the International Council of Environmental Law (ICEL).

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