Christophe Bastin

Engineer, Founding President of SIC Nouvelle-Aquitaine, engineering and consulting company
Student in 1986, he developed Robotics and Artificial Intelligence activities in the family business.
He started in 1989 in the aeronautics and space industry, on the quality management of strategic military and civil aviation programs.
In 1994, he founded the company HORUS to support companies in the outsourcing of industrial services to principals.
In 2000, he became an innovation consultant, particularly in the NICT sector, within a large consulting firm.
In 2006, he became an extranet and online software development project manager in a web agency.
He ceased all professional activity following an accident in 2010. He devoted himself to the cultural associative world and chaired in 2015 of an association of integration through economic activity. He got involved in local political life.
In 2017, he created SIC Nouvelle-Aquitaine. In August 2017, he joined Professor Michel PRIEUR to develop the measurement of the effectiveness of environmental law on the mathematical level. He takes part in various presentations of the subject in France and abroad.

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