Norwegian Research Council project “LandTime” (2021-2025)

The Normandy Chair for Peace participate as research partner, member of reference group for the project with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), Faculty of Landscape and Society (LANDSAM).

In its Constitution (article 112) Norway recognizes the necessity to manage natural ressources « on the basis of long-term considerations which will safeguards this right for future generations as well». Norway uses its planning system to handle the issue in regard of this intergenerational equity and rights. It is therefore a question of high interest for our academic activities, as a network of academic institutions and actors within international law. The Normandy Chair for Peace is dedicated to the promotion of rights of future generations (from a theoritical, administrative and judicial perspective), and represents a unique global reference of expertise on intergenerational law. This academic organisation is directly linked to the public, scientific, cultural and professional Institution, University of Caen. The proposed project aligns very well with the strategic interest of the Normandy Chair for Peace, in contributing to theoretical but also practical issues of protection of future generations and natural ressources from a legal perspective. Indeed, it includes the observations on the capacity of local authorities to safeguard the rights of future generations through the mandates given by the Norwegian planning and building Act.

The NCP will provide crossed expertise on three types of situations which are studied in the Norwegian context: coastal, metropolitan, and rural areas. The NCP intend to highlight the conclusions of the Norwegian studies at the international scientific level. For exemple, it can be presented to UNEP, to UN special rapporteur on Human Rights and the Environment, and through the networks as IUCN World Environmental Law Commission.

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