What is the role of the CNRS in the Chair?

The CNRS works for the scientific excellence and international influence of French research. It also works to open up the French research system to the international community and to disseminate it to society. In addition to its strong involvement in the structuring of national and regional higher education, the CNRS has decided to work with the regions to create new dynamics around innovative themes and important societal issues. It has also decided to better promote French research capacity through scientific diplomacy. It is in this context and within this framework that the CNRS Presidency has taken up the subject of the Chair of Excellence for Peace.

Antoine Petit, President of the CNRS, and Hervé Morin, President of the Normandy Region, have decided to include the Chair of Excellence for Peace in their collaboration. The CNRS has been particularly involved in the creation of this chair to give it a large scientific scope with an international dimension.

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