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Publication - What law/rights for animals?
Processes of Change of Fundamental Rights and Legal Systems
Aloïse Quesne is pleased to announce the publication, on the 22nd of June 2023, of the book Quel(s) droit(...
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Transhumanism: a change in civilisation -Amandine Cayol, Emilie Gaillard
Bioethics / Bio-rights
Interview with Amandine Cayol and Emilie Gaillard, "Transhumanism: a change in civilisation ». Download the interview in pdf
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Plea for the extension of legal personality with reference to the African perspective
The article by Christophe Bouriau and Serge-Marie Mbonda is entitled: "Plaidoyer pour l'extension de la personnalité juridique, en réfé...
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One planet, one health: advocating for a convention on pandemics
In December 2021, an intergovernmental negotiating group was set up within the World Health Organization to draft and negotiate a convention ...
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Crossed views on transhumanism
Bioethics / Bio-rights
Edited by Amandine Cayol (Volume Editor) Emilie Gaillard (Volume Editor). This book is about the ubiquitous in the media, the ...
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Measuring the effectiveness of environmental law - Legal indicators for sustainable development
Legal Indicators
Under the direction of Michel Prieur, Christophe Bastin and with the collaboration of Mohamed Ali Mekouar This book presents a ...
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Launch of the first book in the Normandy Chair of Excellence for Peace series
Representation and Defence of Future Generations
In the presence of some of the authors who participated in its writing and Emilie Gaillard. Drawing on the landmark 1993 ...
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