Stéphane Pessina

Lecturer H.D.R. in private law at the University of Rouen-Normandy. Teaches since 1998.

From questions relating to the protection of the traditional cultural expressions of indigenous peoples by possible intellectual property rights, the relevance of which he questions, he has extended his research to traditional knowledge and associated genetic resources, and then to various other issues of interest to indigenous peoples around the world (The status of indigenous peoples. A la croisée des savoirs, Stéphane PESSINA DASSONVILLE (dir.): Karthala, Paris, 2012).

Using the tools of complex thought (Edgar Morin) and mesology (Augustin Berque), he analyzes the movements of patrimonialization/personalization of living environments on Earth. Thus, he reexamines various cardinal notions (person, things, heritage, property, access, knowledge, tradition, culture) and abandons the dualistic logic that separates human beings from Nature in order to develop a complex cosmo-vision that is at once global, interdependent, responsible, sober and supportive in order to reshape (in a cosmic dimension) us and preserve the rights of future generations to live in harmony with our Homeland.

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