Prof. (em.) Andreas Nidecker

MD completed his postgraduate education in the US, Canada and Switzerland (Dipl Am Board of Radiology). Associate Professor of Radiology at U of Basel. Active in IPPNW (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, Peace Nobel Prize 1985) since the early eighties, including board member of IPPNW for the past 38 years and past president and IPPNW Switzerland. Head organizing Cttee of the 2010 IPPNW World Congress in Basel. Co-organizer of the 2017 IPPNW U of Basel Congress “Human Rights, Future Generations and Crimes in the nuclear Age “. Interested in research on health effects in Uranium miners and nuclear workers and concerned about human rights implications of the nuclear legacy for future generations. Co-organizer of three symposia in Bamako/ Mali, Dar EsSalaam/ Tanzania and Johannesburg/South Africa on the issue “Uranium and health”. Co-founder, past president and board member of “sun21”, a Basel based association to promote renewables, energy conservation and sufficiency. Actively accompanying and successfully achieving the polticial decision to phase-out of Nuclear Energy in Switzerland, as decided in 2011. With director Alyn Ware in 2012 co-founder and up to present president of the Basel Peace Office.    

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