Nicolas Escach

Nicolas Escach, Doctor and Geography Associate, studied at the “École Normale Supérieure” in Lyon. Professor, he currently directs the Sciences-Po Rennes Campus in Caen, which is dedicated to transitions, territorial dialogue and sustainable development. He has also founded a North European Pole and a Master’s degree entitled “Innovative Strategies for Urban Territories: Anticipating Transitions” (In-SITU).

A specialist in the Baltic area, he is the author of numerous articles and books on coastal towns and their inhabitants (including ‘Les Danois’, 2017) and is a regular contributor to the written press (Libération, Le Monde Diplomatique) and radio (France Culture, Radio Classique). He has taught sustainable urban strategies at several universities and Grandes Écoles in France (Lyon, Versailles Saint-Quentin, Paris, Chartres) and abroad (Oslo, Riga, Nuuk, Irkutsk) and has also worked as a consultant and project manager for the former DATAR, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Rhône-Alpes region. He was also an assistant at the French Embassy in Berlin and at the Marc Bloch Centre (2010).

Two years ago, together with the Norman actors involved in Franco-Nordic relations, he created ‘Confluences Nordiques’ (Nordic Confluences), an association that promotes the development of a Nordic agenda throughout the year in Caen and the construction of totem objects capable of establishing the role of the city as a relay of the North and of disseminating Scandinavian practices and leisure activities in all districts. His passion for Denmark has led him to become a member of the board of directors of France-Denmark and co-editor of the magazine ‘Nordiques’ (with Yohann Aucante and Harri Veivo).

Within the Normandy Chair for Peace, he is in charge of collecting portraits of inspiring personalities involved in monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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