Laura Duarte

Graduated in Intercultural Relations and International Cooperation at the University of Lille, the research axis of her master’s degree was “The voluntary isolation of indigenous people in the Amazon”, based on an investigative and legal approach supported by a social analysis of the Awá case: the Guardianes Protectores del Bosque in Peligro and the indigenous communicators’ collective Mídia Índia. In addition, Laura got experience in communication and event logistics through work and volunteer experiences abroad, mainly in America and Europe. Focused on international relations, during her EU funding traineeship at the Italian Red Cross in Rome, she deepened her knowledge in the management, planning and dissemination of European projects. As well as, in international cooperation with the antennas in the Americas region. Since February 2021, she has been working as Coordinator Assistant to the Normandy Chair for Peace.

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